Business Support for the Trades and Salespeople

​If your business is based on providing quotations to potential customers, what happens if you don't follow up with a call?

1 - You could be sitting on £000’s worth of potential income 

2 - People generally get more than one quote and if a potential customer has to chase you up before you call them back, it’s likely that a) they’ll use your competition and b) they won’t recommend you because you didn’t seem to care whether you got the business or not. 
That call back is not only about bringing in money, it’s also about safeguarding your reputation and that of your business. It gives you the opportunity to be proactive with your customers and get some feedback(both good and bad) on your quote, which should be vitally important if you didn't get the work.

If your business is in Property Maintenance, Plumbing, Painting, Decorating, Electrical, Carpentry, Landscape Design, Mechanics or Sales and you don’t have the time to chase up for updates on outstanding quotes,  I'll make those follow up calls for you for £25 an hour. Engage with your potential clients to get an update on how your quote has been received and find out if there are any outstanding queries that may be preventing you from closing the deal. 
We’ve all been there, had various tradespeople in to quote for jobs ranging from PVC windows being fitted to the re-wiring of the home. Having had to chase up different trades for various quotes myself, I thought I’d share my thoughts to the trades in case it’s useful!  
Tip number 1
Make a note of when you sent the quote. Ask whether they have anyone else quoting and if so offer to call them back once they believe they will have received all quotes in, to give them time to consider all their options. That thought process will be appreciated and may even go in your favour when it comes to choosing the right person for the job. Agree a time frame to call and schedule this in your diary.

Tip number 2
Find out how and when would your customer prefer you call them? Morning, evening? Do they want their quote on the phone, emailed over, sent in the post or received by text? Giving them options shows that you are considering their needs already, even before you win the work.

Tip number 3
Set yourself that reminder to send the quote and then follow it up! As a customer, there’s nothing worse than having to chase up people who are meant to be sending you a quote!

Tip number 4
People are asking you to quote for a job because they either don’t have the time or skill set to do it themselves. Help them to understand what’s involved that is likely to affect them, time frame, cost and mess. They’re not going to want to know how difficult it might be to actually get that window fitted!

Tip number 5
​​Whether you win the work or not, it’s always worth having a chat to get some feedback, especially if you didn’t win the job! It will give you the chance to find out if this was cost related or if timing was the issue. Maybe financial circumstances have changed, and they now can’t afford to get the work done until Summer 2018 when the pay rise is expected.
In finding the time to make that call to understand the reason for you possibly NOT getting the job, you may actually turn that situation around. If the issue is cost – can you reduce it somehow? If you can’t fit in with their timetable, are you able to move an existing booking without upsetting a client? If they can’t afford it now but will be able to in the Summer – you can get back to them then. For many, making the call backs is the issue, but just think about how much work and earnings you could be losing? You may not like making the calls, thankfully I do! Make one call to me and let me take care of the rest.