The Social Media Desk

Social Media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are an essential communication tool for any business. They give you a rooftop from which you can promote your knowledge and expertise and gain the trust of your followers. People buy from those they trust.

Time is money. In essence these platforms are free, if however you're spending precious hours researching interesting content, converting that to platform relevant content and creating an eye-catching graphic to increase your exposure, Social Media is anything but free.

For just £200/month, we will produce and post 2 pieces of content each week (including images)across your choice of 3 platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. These posts will be specific to your business/ industry.

With our packages, we can help promote your brand, get your message across and build a quality following for you. If you want to brush up on your Social Media skills to manage this process yourself, consider our 1-2-1 Social Media Training session.