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  Welcome to the world of Virtual Business Support.

*Free up your valuable time
*Focus on the tasks only you can do  
*Increase profitability
*Improve your Work/Life balance
*Flexible bespoke service 

The JW Business Support System enables you to focus on growing your business, instead of getting caught up in the day to day running of it. I work closely with my clients to understand their businesses and the issues they are facing.

Combining the professionalism and experience of a corporate background,  with an understanding of what it is to be a small business owner, I bring  bespoke support to your business, taking away the tasks you don't need to be doing, so you can focus on growing your business.

"I have only known Jo for a short time, but in those few months she has really impressed me with her knowledge, skills, efficiency and ideas. I have asked Jo to help me on a few different projects and have not been in any way disappointed with her input. She makes great efforts to research and find out about the subject she is dealing with. She achieves a massive amount within an hour which makes her hourly rate really good value. If you are struggling to find time to do everything you won't go far wrong handing work over to Jo. She is happy to do all sorts of admin work, and you can trust her to complete any task quickly and accurately."

Karen Greenall -Will/Lasting Power of Attorney consultant


"I have called on Jo's telephone engagement skills to make introductory calls on my behalf to a data base in excess of 250 potential clients. After an initial 1-2-1 meeting where we discussed the essential points that I needed Jo to get across to these contacts, Jo then followed up with introductory phone calls, tracking the responses with detailed notes and following up where required. Jo kept me updated with any information that I needed to act on and I have now have a number of leads to follow up. I'd highly recommend Jo for a lead generation task, she was both efficient and effective."​​

Barbara O'Brien - Just Mortgages


The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions,etc.

The JW Business Support System has a perfect synergy with Business Coaches and Life Style Coaches.

If you're a business coach or mentor helping small businesses to understand and implement a forward thinking strategy,
marketing and an overal plan for the future, I can help your client reach that goal.

Professional virtual support for your business from as little as £22.00 per hour. No workplace pension, ​​sickpay, maternity or paternity pay. Our Business Support packages start from as little as £220.00 for 10 hours support wherever your business needs it. 
What are your daily pain points and where do you find yourself struggling? 

A successful business requires sales, planning, communication, customer focus and market research to thrive and grow. Updating your website content, setting up and maintaining an organised CRM system, arranging quotes for business cards or insurance renewals, monitoring costs within a project. With an understanding that a successful business is largely about the experience we create for our clients, JW Business Support can provide you with essential professional support when you need it to help you and your business thrive. 

You may have attended a number of Social Media training sessions and retained a basic knowledge. For some, further 1-2-1 refresher training is exactly what's needed to enable you to successfully manage your own social media campaign across the relevant platforms. We offer a 2 hour session package for £50.00* including a 'takeaway' PowerPoint presentation for those times you just need a memory jog.
*additional travel expenses applicable depending on location.​ Call us for a quote.

The ‘To-Do’ list is a classic example of where businesses often need help, for many this beast is out of control and just keeps on growing. With an objective view point, we can help you take control of that list and set you up with Trello, a free app that can help you to decipher the ‘Urgent and Important’ from the ‘Not Urgent but still Important’ and the ‘Urgent and not Important’ from the ‘Not Urgent and not Important’. 

Do you have the time to research, the creativity to write, and the understanding to post relevant social media content across the platforms to reach your target audience?  We offer highly competitive packages that produce and publish relevant content and source new contacts across the various platforms to save you precious time.  We can manage your Social Media from just £100.00 pcm.

Many businesses have a valuable database of potential customers that need to be engaged with. Call us for a FREE consultation to discuss possible telemarketing options of your product or service. We will agree a script, make the calls, track the responses and follow-up as required. Telemarketing is often an untapped resource  that could bring you in new business. If you've paid for a database, don't let it go to waste. Let us manage your telemarketing campaign.
  Helpful tips -  Inundated with apps galore to help manage everything from  databases to social media scheduling? 

FREE resources worth considering.

Trello - A great project management tool your entire team can use 

Wave - Free invoicing platform for small businesses​

Bitly - Shortens your web links for social media sharing.

If you need support in setting these systems up or require 1-2-1 training in using them, give me a call. 

Is your business quote based?  Do you work in Property Maintenance, Painting, Decorating, Electrical, Carpentry, Landscape Design, Mechanics or Sales?

Do you have outstanding quotes that you don’t have the time to chase up for updates?

You could be sitting on £000's worth of income and losing out to your competitors!
I can make the calls for you that are vital to your business success for just £25 an hour!
For more information visit our Trades and Sales page.

If you don't have time to call, send an email. We aim to respond within 24 hours.​
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